Apricot Hill Campsite

Malak Preslavets 



Webb Ventures Limited

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When most people think of Bulgaria as a holiday destination they either think of sunny beaches on the Black Sea coast or ski-ing in the winter. However there is another side to Bulgaria which not many people are aware of.

Less than two hours drive away from the most popular resorts you can marvel at the abundance of rare flora and fauna found at the many, untouched beauty spots and nature reserves along the River Danube. You can step back in time and experience a much slower pace of life.

If you like the idea of escaping the hustle and bustle we are sure you will love all that the village of Malak Preslavets and the surrounding area has to offer.


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Hello and welcome. We are Steve and Jill Webb, proprietors of Apricot Hill campsite and joint directors of Webb Ventures Limited. We hope you will enjoy what we have to share with you.

One of Apricot Hill campsite's secluded tent plots

The Campsite


Apricot Hill is a secluded family run campsite set in 1.6 acres of beautiful Bulgarian countryside. We have 10 plots, all of which are well separated plus 4 person and 2 person tents to rent if required with gas stove and coffee making facilities.

The beautiful Malak Preslavets lily lake

The Lily Lake


The beautiful lily lake at Malak Preslavets is a site of special scientific interest and is home to some rare and endangered species of white water lily. It also provides a food base for a wide range of nesting birds. 

The sun setting over the Danube at Malak Preslavets

The River Danube


The lily lake is separated from the Danube by less than 100 meters. There are picnic and barbecue areas overlooking the river as well as a number of relatively undiscovered fishing spots.

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Bulgaria is a paradise for bird watchers. Bee Eaters, Golden Oriole, Green Woodpeckers, Jay and Yellow Hammers are amongst the many different species of bird you can see in and around Apricot Hill.

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Fruit and Nut Picking

Apricot and walnut are our signature trees but we also have peach, hazelnut, plum, cherry, apple and bison berry trees, not forgetting the grape vines which line the campsite. All visitors are welcome to help themselves to what ever fruit/nut is in season at the time of their visit.