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About Malak Preslavets


If you like the idea of stepping back in time and experiencing a taste of rural Bulgaria, then the village of Malak Preslavets is the right place to visit.

Although it has a small population, the village covers a relatively large area of 38.87 km². There are two shops selling a range of food and basic provisions, both less than five minutes walk away from Apricot Hill. One of the shops has a bar with a covered outdoor seating area.

The main attractions in Malak Preslavets are without a doubt the stunning lily lake also known as the Malak Preslavets swamp and the River Danube, both of which are in very close proximity of each other.


The lake is a protected area and provides food for upwards of 100 different types of birds, some of which are protected species.  During the nesting season the cacophony of sound coming from the lake is amazing, particularly at night.


A spring time shot of the lily lake in Malak Preslavets

The Malak Preslavets lily lake is home to the largest colony of white water lilies in Bulgaria. Most significant is the Nymphaea alba, which was declared an endangered species in the Red Book of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian dancers perform every June at the feast of water lilies in Malak Preslavets

Every June the village hosts a festival of water lilies down by the lake, where traditional Bulgarian singing and dancing takes place. 


On the stretch of land adjoining the lily lake and the Danube there are picnic and barbecue areas and a number of walkways stretching all the way around the lake.

Sirene cheese can be bought fresh from the Malak Preslavets dairy

If you take a stroll along the road leading to the lily lake there is a little dairy tucked away, where you can buy some of the finest Sirene cheese and see it being made. Sirene is the most widely available type of cheese in Bulgaria and it is similar in taste and texture to Feta.

The cowherd walking his cows in Malak Preslavets Bulgaria

You will be enchanted when you hear the sound of cowbells ringing gently in the distance every day and you see the local cowherd walking his cattle over the hills. It is  possible to buy both pasteurised and unpasteurised milk fresh from the village.