Apricot Hill Campsite

Malak Preslavets 



Webb Ventures Limited

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Fishing Holidays

For anyone who enjoys fishing, Apricot Hill is situated in close proximity of a number of relatively undiscovered spots along the River Danube. It is one of the few places where it is possible and legal to catch sturgeon but other species regularly caught include carp, pike, barbel, roach, bream and catfish.

The fishing season in Bulgaria lasts between July and March. If you want to fish on the Danube you will need a permit, which we will happily assist you with.

There are a number of fishing permits available in Bulgaria:


  • Annual permit

  • Six month permit

  • Monthly permit

  • Weekly permit

  • A permit for disabled anglers - the permit is free of charge

  • A permit for for women over 60 and men over 65 years old - 50 percent reduction on fee

  • A permit for children under 14 - free of charge

We also provide transport to a number of different fishing spots within easy reach of our campsite and have shelters for hire should you require them. Details are available on request.

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